Nezha suddenly exhausted all his strength, obviously because of the abnormal fire point gun in his h Now he has no obligation to take his soldiers back! You haven't read an email. Would you like to read it. Unfortunately, the strength gap between the two sides is too big, Zichen can only dodge. Annie was so enthusiastic that she wanted to pull him. "Xiaobei, I, I didn't mean that. I mean, I attended the activity last time..." Gu Changhong told Soldiers are like this. They always keep a awe and chase for the powerful people. If she is a level 11 talent, maybe it is possible, but she is only half step 11. When this kind of eye contact with Su Hao, it soon became extremely respectful, even worship. "Have you changed the rules for the first time?" It's not surprising how they speak now. In the Song Dynasty, however, there was a party struggle in the middle of the Dynasty and soldiers i "Three days? You look too high at Zhang Longxiang, I think, one and a half days at most!" This kind of flame is extremely hot, and extremely thick and heavy, and its lethality after being ma Then he said, "protect a Feng and Yao Yao, and give me the rest. Well, let your people surround them The ogre looked at the cultivator again and asked. "You pervert, you're not a human being." However, things are unexpected, the opposite of the "magic king" is not affected at all.

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